Attending School

Attendance at School is very important. It is the law. Students must attend school regularly.

School is a safe, healthy environment for children. All children should be enrolled at school and attend school all day, every day where possible.

We want your children to do their very best. Our school can provide students with breakfast and school uniforms.

Missing school means missing out on learning. Going to school is good for participation and belonging.

Student Attendance

Newman Senior High School implements the Department of Education Attendance Policy. Within this policy are four key processes.
These include:

Records – accurate records are maintained

Recognise – daily attendance is monitored and every absence identified

Restore – where a student’s absence is a concern, school devised and legislative strategies are implemented to restore attendance

Under the Western Australian law (School Education Act 1999), parents must send their children to school unless:

  • They are too unwell
  • They have an infectious disease
  • The Principal is provided with a genuine and acceptable reason

Parent / Carer Responsibilities

  • Ensure that your child is on time for school each day – before 8:10am

If your child is not attending school please:

  • Notify the school if your child is absent as soon as possible by:
  • Notify the school in advance if an absence will be a long time
  • Notify the school if you have moved address or changed phone numbers
  • Contact the school and we can work together to support your child’s attendance.

Attendance Brochure