Integrated Science 1c/ 1d

This Year 11 Integrated Science course is designed to facility the achievement of three outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Investigating and communicating in science;
  • Outcome 2: Scientific conceptual understanding;
  • Outcomes 3: Science in society.

Teachers are free to choose the content and learning experiences that best suit the needs of their students.

The course content is the focus of the learning program and as skills grow, increasingly sophisticated models of laws and principles of science are applied in various situations to find solutions to problems.

The course content is organised into three content areas:

  • The impact of science
  • The practice of science
  • Conceptual understandings

Skills Required:

A good command of the English language and the ability to work effectively with others in a team situation.

The course is divided into four sciences as outlined below. 

  • Chemical
  • Earth & Space
  • Biological
  • Physical