The objective of the Mathematics Department at Newman S.H.S. is to maximise every student’s ability in the fields of numeracy and the understanding and application of mathematical concepts; this through engaging and innovative learning experiences, appropriate to the ability levels of each and every student.

There are several enrichment activities being led by the Mathematics Department including Maths Camp, after school revision classes all of which contribute to promoting engagement and achievement in mathematics.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 the focus is on developing basic understandings of mathematical concepts and their application at basic levels. The students work individually and collaboratively planning investigations, reasoning, posing and solving mathematical questions, and problem solving using real practical situations.

Year 10 Mathematics is a preparation for courses in Senior School.

The use of cutting edge ICT is common place in the Mathematics Department for staff and students alike. This benefits the students by presenting them with real practical applications which also assists in engagement.

Lower School

In the lower school the students study ‘Number and Algebra’, ‘Measurement and Geometry’ and ‘Statistics and Probability’ in line with the Australian Curriculum. Numeracy and the application of mathematical principles and processes in real life situations is prioritised here to maximise engagement and learning. By the time students complete year 10 they should be well prepared for upper school courses.

Senior School

Courses for Senior Students that may be avalible subject to student selection, class sizes and resourcing. Please click the course title for more information.

Maths Essentials

Maths Applications