Humanities and social sCIENCES

Humanities and Social Sciences aims to develop well-rounded citizens who can effectively participate in the political, social and economic aspects of life in Australia. Students in years 7 - 10 participate in Australian Curriculum units of History, Geography, Economics and Business and Civics and Citizenship.  They also participate in a “Careers” program which guides them through the process of finding a career path that matches them as individuals. 

Students in Humanities and Social Sciences participate in History and Geography competitions which provide them with opportunities to compete with students across Australia.

Courses for Senior Students that may be avalible subject to student selection, class sizes and resourcing. Please click the course title for more information.

Year 11 Modern History - ATAR

Year 11 Geography - ATAR

Year 11 Career and Enterprise - General

Year 11 - Workplace Learning - Endorsed Program

Year 12 Modern History - ATAR

Year 12 Geography - ATAR

Year 12 - Career and Enterprise - General

Year 12 - Workplace Leaning - Endorsed Program