Health and Physical EducatioN

Health and Physical Education is concerned with the physical, emotional and mental development of students. Students learn to make informed decisions about the health and physical well-being of themselves and others. They also develop social and physical skills that will enable them to be involved in physical activity.

 Health and Physical Education teachers endeavor to;

  • Provide students with opportunities to learn in a variety of contexts
  • Enable connection and challenge during learning activities
  • Present purposeful lessons requiring students to act and reflect on knowledge and skills being taught.
  • Promote high levels of motivation and purpose by suiting the learning environment to the student needs.
  • Create a focus on inclusivity and difference.
  • Allow opportunities for independence and collaboration
  • Provide a supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable and safe to engage in all activities.

During Physical Education students will participate in a variety of sport, fitness and recreational activities ranging from Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Martial Arts, Yoga, Cricket, Lacrosse, Touch Rugby, Archery, Swimming, Hockey and Soccer. Students have the opportunity at the beginning of the year to discuss sporting activities allowing the teacher to tailor the program to suit their needs, skills and interests according to the cirriculum. Teachers will focus on development of movement skills, strategies and tactics while aiming to give students opportunities to demonstrate leadership and effective communication skills. Students who are particularly interested in Netball and Football have the opportunity to apply for specialized Shooting Goals and Kicking Goals programs.

The Health Education program aims to address issues relevant to students while also focusing on the health of the wider and global community. The following topics are largely addressed in the Health program;

  • Personal Development
  • Nutrition
  • Growth and Sexual Development
  • Health Promotion
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Lifestyle Choices and Diseases
  • Cyber Safety and Drug Education


Students engage in a range of health and physical activities. Students are exposed to different sporting activities. Students develop the skills to communicate effectively, solve problems and make decisions. A safe and welcoming environment allows a large focus to lie on participation and development of physical activity routines that enhance their health and wellbeing.


Students learn about physiological, psychological, and biomechanical principles and apply these to analyse and improve personal and group performances in physical activities. Throughout the course, students learn through integrated written, oral and active learning experiences. The course also provides students with opportunities to develop skills that will enable them to pursue personal interests and potential in physical activity as athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and/or volunteers.

Health and Physical Education courses - please click for more information

Year 11 General HPE

Year 11 ATAR HPE

Year 12 General HPE

Year 12 ATAR HPE

Year 11 Health Studies 

Year 12 Health Studies

Certificate II Sport Coaching

This Certificate is a progression for those students who participated in the Kicking & Shooting Goals Program in Year 10.

This is a nationally recognised training program that provides individuals with basic training in the field of sport coaching. Students will progressively develop skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to pursue their interest in sport and recreation with a view to gaining employment in the industry.

Under supervision someone with this qualification can undertake work that may include support in the provision of sport and recreation programs, grounds and facilities maintenance, customer service and administrative duties.  Future employment may be in fitness centres, outdoor sporting facilities or aquatic centres.