The objective of the Science Department in Newman S.H.S. is to maximise every student’s ability in the field of Science which is all around us here in Newman. As well as studying the traditional fields of science, we are lucky in Newman to be surrounded by and immersed in the mining industry which is used to engage our students in real practical applications in the field of Science from the Chemistry and Physics of the mining processes through to the environmental and biological aspects.

There are several enrichment activities being undertaken by the Science Department including the promotion of ‘Science Week’ and the use of visiting scientists from ASPIRE and UWA to raise the profile of the sciences. We are also fortunate with the environment we share and make use of this in the form of field trips to our natural environs. These factors all contribute to promoting engagement and achievement in Science. 

The use of cutting edge ICT is common place in the science department for staff and students alike. This benefits the students by presenting them with real practical applications which also assists in engagement.

In the Senior School the students follow one of two pathways, VET or ATAR. Courses offered at the moment are Human Biology, with Physics and Chemistry being offered through SIDE.

Lower School Science

In the lower school students study ‘Biological sciences’, ‘Chemical sciences’, ’Earth and space sciences’ and ‘Physical sciences’ in line with the Australian Curriculum as a preparation for courses in the senior school. This is where students can begin to specialise according to their interests and career or university aspirations.

In years 7, 8 and 9 the focus is on developing basic understandings of scientific concepts, their application and developing reporting and inquiry skills. The students work individually and collaboratively planning investigations, reasoning, posing and solving scientific questions, and problem solving using real practical situations. Year 10 Science is a preparation for Senior school courses.

Senior School Science

Courses for Senior Students that may be avalible subject to student selection, class sizes and resourcing. Please click the course title for more information.

Human Biology