In the English Learning Area students learn about the English language: how it works and how to use it effectively. They develop an understanding of the ways in which language operates as a social process and how to use language in a variety of forms and situations. They learn to speak, listen, view, read and write effectively.

Students studying English at Newman Senior High School can expect to enjoy themselves while being offered every opportunity to shine in both the traditional elements of English, such as the conventions of standard Australian English, as well as in the progressive area of critical literacy – the ability to see how different texts can both shape and reflect our identity, values and beliefs. Their progress will be assessed in a variety of ways and students will be encouraged to extend themselves and express their creativity, while developing a strong grounding in the essential conventions of language, literature and literacy.

Creative writing is promoted through workshops conducted by visiting authors and by participation in a range of writing competitions. Debating may be offered through participation in Country Week for senior school students. After school tutorials may also be offered for all year groups, whether it be to get some help with homework, assessment tasks or to prepare students for tests and exams, these sessions are a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance their understanding in a relaxed, one-on-one environment.

Comparability between classes is achieved through moderation, tests and examinations.

Lower School

In the lower school students study English in their year group in line with the Australian Curriculum. Students may apply to be in the Academic-Challenge-Extension program.  By the time students complete year 10 they should be well prepared for senior school courses.

Senior School

Courses for Senior Students that may be available subject to student selection, class size and resourcing. Please click the course title for more information.

Year 11 – English General

Year 11 - English ATAR

Year 12 - English General

Year 12 - English ATAR