As a school we believe it is important that students, parents and teachers have some common understandings about expectations regarding homework for all students in the school and the reasons why we develop these expectations.

Students who are able to develop a good homework routine early in secondary school and maintain it are certainly advantaging themselves with regards to improving educational outcomes.

What is Homework?

 Homework given to students may include:

  • Completion of work started in class.
  • Assignment work that may require an extended period of time and use of outside resources eg. project work, extended writing in English, a Mathematics extended task or investigation.
  • Reviewing work done in class - summarising, taking notes, preparing study cards.
  • Watching news/current affairs/ documentaries on television.
  • Research on the internet.
  • Reading.


Strategies To Assist With Homework (For Parents)


  • Encourage students to use the school library, which is open before and after school.
  • Encourage students to develop a routine for doing homework at an optimum time - in the afternoon or early evening rather than late at night.
  • Insist students use the school diary to record homework set and the date due and to assist with planning. Contact the school if the diary or an effective alternative is not being used.
  • Provide students with an environment that is conducive to productive work (i.e. quiet and private - does not involve social media, gaming and other distractions while attempting an unrelated task).
  • Talk to students about their work and achievement - take an interest.

If you have any queries in regards to homework please contact the relevant Head of Learning Area via email or phone using the contact tab.


All students are provided with a diary at the start of the year for recording study, homework tasks and due dates.  Students are expected to take the diary to all classes.  Parents are encouraged to check their child’s diary regularly.


Contact Procedures

For assistance with

  • obtaining information about school policies or procedures
  • making enquiries about student programs, performance or behaviour
  • clarifying a problem or registering a concern with the school

Contact your student's teacher or Head of Learning Area (HoLA).  Click here.

You may also with to contact the Student Services Manager or Relevant Deputy.  Click here.