Canteen Menu

Newman Senior High School provides a school based canteen supplying the students with food for morning tea and lunch based on the traffic light system of healthy food choices.

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NSHS Healthy Food and Drink policy

The Department of Education has a strict Healthy Food and Drink policy.  It clearly outlines, using the traffic light system, the foods and drinks that can and cannot be consumed at school.  I request you do not provide these to students as they will not be allowed to have them on site.  If you would like to discuss this further, please make an appointment to see me.



Off the menu



Soft drinks; artificial or intense sweetened soft drinks; energy drinks; cordials (including low joule); sports drinks; water flavoured with fruit juice, sugar, artificial or intense  sweetener (including carbonated products); high caffeine drinks (e.g. drinks containing guarana); fruit juices, vegetable juices and mixed juices (including carbonated products):  with less than 99% juice and/or added sugar and/or sweeteners and/or serving contains more than 250mL juice.


All types, caramelised popcorn

Pastry items

All types that do not meet the criteria for registration

Sandwich meats

High fat sandwich meats including polony (devon) and salami

Deep fried foods

All types

Savoury snacks

Crisps, chips and other similar products that do not meet the criteria for registration


Chocolate coated and premium ice-creams

Sandwich fillings

Honey, jam, chocolate spreads, confectionery sprinkles

Cakes, muffins and sweet pastries

Croissants, doughnuts, cream filled buns/cakes, sweet pastries, slices

Click here to access the Department of Education - Healthy Food and Drink

 Ms Carolyn Cook                                                                                                                                               Principal