Newman Senior High School Aspire Program

Through Aspire UWA, The University of Western Australia works with schools and communities in the Pilbara region and in Outer Metropolitan Perth to raise aspirations for tertiary education.

Aspire UWA encourages students who would not normally consider university as an option to see the benefits and opportunities that university study offers. The program commences with Year 9 students and supports them through to a successful transition to university.

WhAt Aspire UWA offers

  • Campus visits for local and Pilbara schools
  • Visits from the UWA Prospective Students’ Office providing advice on pathways and subject selection
  • Visits from UWA staff to provide specialist workshops and presentations
  • UWA Student Ambassadors acting as role models and mentors
  • Professional development programs for school teachers
  • Scholarships to UWA high school programs.

Features of the Aspire program:

Aspire UWA is founded on a community partnership that:

  • develops rich, ongoing relationships between UWA staff and students and Aspire school communities that will create pathways and opportunities for tertiary study.
  • supports UWA staff members to work extensively with families encouraging them to visit campuses.
  • ensures parents and families are engaged, so that they
  • better understand the transformative and community benefits of tertiary education.
  • fully understand the process of application to and enrolment in higher education and the transition support services available
  • partner with local churches, sporting and cultural groups and local authorities to support collaborative projects and capacity building between the school community and UWA student and staff.

Special Features of Aspire UWA

The School of Indigenous Studies provides Aspire UWA schools with workshops and camps for Indigenous students and welcomes their families onto campus. Indigenous students will also be given access to bridging programs after Year 12 and assistance through Indigenous scholarships, tutoring and pastoral care.

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Outer Metropolitan Program provides workshops, scholarships and specific pathways to students with an interest in Medicine and Dentistry.