Aboriginal and torres strait islander Education

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Programs


The local Aboriginal people are the Martu who are the custodians of the land. Newman Senior High School is working with families and a range of organisations to engage Martu students in learning.

The Martu program focuses on literacy, numeracy and skills to promote a positive future. The Martu program works in conjunction with organisations such as BHP and the YMCA to engage students in worthwhile and culturally appropriate ways. The program is flexible, responding to enrolment numbers and resourcing opportunities.

Martu program, Learning Together



Our Follow the Dream - Partnerships for Success program has been developed to assist our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Years 7 to 12 to reach their full potential at school. Follow The Dream encourages our students to aim high and aspire to achieve in all aspects of life.

Students are encouraged to aim high and aspire to achieve in all aspects of life.

The Program offers an after school Enrichment Centre and provides students with:

  • tutors to assist them with homework, assignments, study skills and goal setting.
  • a Documented Plan which is collaboratively formed to assist individual participants improve educational outcomes and map selected career pathways.
  • regular updates on academic performance.
  • educational excursions to develop study skills, confidence and leaderships skills.
  • a safe and supportive environment to study after school, equipped with educational resources and computers.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Years 7 to 12, who have demonstrated a commitment to their education, can apply.  The Program is voluntary.  Successful applicants are required to demonstrate a high level of school attendance and a potential for academic success. Above all else, students must be recognised as trying their best at all times as they strive to achieve short and long term career goals.


By accepting a place in the Program, the student commits to:

  • attending the Enrichment Centre a minimum of two days a week.
  • maintaining a high level of school attendance.
  • maintaining or improving their academic performance.
  • showing sound leadership and role-model skills.
  • being available and engaging in educational incursions, excursions and camps.


Parents/Guardians of students accepted into the program are expected to commit to:

  • supporting and encouraging the student to maintain their commitments to the program (see above).
  • attending regular progress meetings.
  • being involved in program events and activities.

Click here to view the Follow The Dream program brochure.


Debbie Douglass

FTD;PFS Program Coordinator
20 Gregory Ave
Newman WA 6753

Phone:      (08) 9175 5694

Email:       debbie.douglass@education.wa.edu.au

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