Newman SHS Parents & Citizens' Association Inc.

we need you

The Newman Senior High School P&C is about people just like you; parents, care-givers and community-minded people who want to help their School.  Our P&C works very closely with our fantastic School Staff, building a stronger School Community for all students to benefit.

Joining the P&C is one of the best ways to show your children how much you value their education and how interested you are in what they do.  A lot can and has been achieved through the P&C and School working together towards common goals. To continue this important work, our P&C needs people from all walks of life and with a range of talents who are committed to delivering great outcomes for their children and School. Everybody has a role to play and your ideas will be heard. The more people involved the more exciting and successful it will be.

The Newman Senior High School P&C manages the School canteen and facilitates the purchasing of School uniforms.  Throughout the year we regularly make donations towards the cost of many student or staff activities and each year sponsor the Endeavour Award for the graduating year 12 students.

Our meetings are held once a month. Becoming a member of the P&C is not just about fundraising. It is about meeting new people and forming friendships. We facilitate a positive, relaxed and fun forum to enable discussion and development of ideas with parents and staff.

If you would like to receive updates of scheduled meetings or any information about the P&C please forward your email address to:

 Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope to see you at our next P&C meeting.